What could be a greater reward than an unforgettable travel experience?

A journey enriched with unique programs and unparalleled experiences which can only be lived by the traveler. That is the secret of the incentive travel. It gives a lifelong experience for the participants and it is the most effective tool for companies to motivate their employees, partners, resellers and achieve new goals.
Incentive travels strengthen team spirit and commitment, improve personal relationships and internal communication. These lead to the successful and more efficient operation of the company.

OTP Travel’s incentive programs provide unique and unparalleled travel experience in the most beautiful parts of the world. The variety of destinations and program suggestions allow our clients to find the right choice for their needs and opportunities, from nearby excursions to overseas destinations.

We prepare detailed and tailor-made offers with consideration of the number of people, their age and special interest, the duration and type of the travel including transportation, accommodation as well as meals and programs.

Why OTP Travel?

Looking for a unique venue for a nearby teambuilding weekend?
Would you choose an attractive but cost-effective trip for your small group?
Are you planning to organize an annual event for hundreds of participants in a far and exotic country?


We organize your incentive travel with more than 35 years of professional experience, a high level of expertise, local knowledge, creativity, flexibility, and a solid background. Whether it is a conference or a professional program, cultural treasure hunting or an adrenaline-raising adventure, a team-building game or a culinary journey, a relaxing beach stay or just a “have fun” entertainment, we recommend personalized solutions considering the image, the values and needs of your company.

Cost optimization is also a priority for us when creating a route and program. Providing a professional tour guide or interpreter, on-site technical equipment tailored to your requirements, a wide range of farewell gifts, organizing pre-tours, putting together a unique travel package to fit your company profile are all part of the organization and implementation. Our returning satisfied customers are the guarantee of the quality of our services.

The countries and suggestions listed here are to give inspiration and ideas for your future incentive travel. We are also pleased to provide detailed offers and programs for countries not mentioned here.

Our offers


Sunny Italy, so tempting for world travellers, is no coincidence the centre of the Mediterranean. It can be said without a doubt that there is no country in Europe with similarly varied by natural conditions, snow-capped peaks, volcanoes, lakes, and beaches, where the presence of historical and cultural memories is so concentrated. In Italy, the concept of beauty gets a classic interpretation. The joys of Italy like everyday life, style, passion and “dolce vita” are quickly passed onto travellers in this wonderful country.


United States of America

With an area of nearly 10 million km2, United States of America is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse country in the world, thanks to its history and immigrants. The number of its natural beauties and attractions is innumerable, wherever we travel, the time spent here promises unforgettable experiences.



Despite the small size of the enchanting country next door to us, it is extremely diverse in terms of attractions. It is called “miniature Europe”, as everything can be find here, almost at your fingertips: snow-capped peaks, rapid rivers, charming lakes, Mediterranean coastal towns, sloped wine regions. Europe’s greenest country is an idyllic boutique destination for incentive groups.



The biggest island of the Caribbean Sea gives you much more than just white sandy beaches. Its rich history has made Cuba a living legend. Here you enter a world of adventure, myths, and realities, a place where the retro feeling, the rhythm of salsa, the traditions, the old colonial charm meets with the creative conformity. All this is served by an island with unparalleled geography and beauty. Cuba’s top hotels await the clients with excellent services, the destination is a perfect choice for groups of all ages and interests. It is guaranteed that everybody falls in love with Cuba at first sight!



The stunning South American country is a blend of magical cultures, the heart of the ancient Inca empire. Its territory is divided by three completely different natural regions: The Pacific coast, the Andean Mountains, and the Amazon rainforest. The American continent’s most archeological sites are in Peru, a total of 16 nature reserves and 9 cultural treasures belong to the UNESCO World Heritage. The mysterious and unique atmosphere of Peru cannot be expressed in words: this country must be seen once in a lifetime!



Portugal on the western side of the Iberian Peninsula is a unique place, where beautiful landscapes of hilly, cool-climate wine regions, wild, rocky coastlines and elegant golden sandy beaches amaze the traveller. The charm of old times, imprints of adventurous history, melancholic Portuguese music, attentive preservation of traditions, unique wines and mouth-watering gastronomy are all one slice of the extremely rich attractions of this country.



The 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates are the perfect encounter of Arabian traditions and the modern world. Dubai is perhaps the most famous member of the emirates, well known for its amazing top attractions and stunning experiences. Shining buildings, magnificent facilities, beautiful beaches characterize this all-in-one city where many different adventures are concentrated in almost one place.